A list of anonymous dark web bitcoin wallets:

DarkMixer http://cr32aykujaxqkfqyrjvt7lxovnadpgmghtb3y4g6jmx6oomr572kbuqd.onion/
VirginBitcoins http://5kpq325ecpcncl4o2xksvaso5tuydwj2kuqmpgtmu3vzfxkpiwsqpfid.onion/
Mixabit http://74ck36pbaxz7ra6n7v5pbpm5n2tsdaiy4f6p775qvjmowxged65n3cid.onion/
OnionWallet http://zwf5i7hiwmffq2bl7euedg6y5ydzze3ljiyrjmm7o42vhe7ni56fm7qd.onion/

You will need the Torbrowser or OnionBrowser on IOS to access those dark web bitcoin wallets and mixers!

Never use any mixers or anonymous wallets which are not an .onion site on the dark web, all .com and other clear web sites will be honeypots for law enforcement sooner or later to deanonymize it’s users.

Again, make sure you have Torbrowser to be able to access those .onion dark web sites directly for best provacy and anonymity!

For more dark web sites check out the hidden wiki at http://5wvugn3zqfbianszhldcqz2u7ulj3xex6i3ha3c5znpgdcnqzn24nnid.onion/

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Anonymous Bitcoin

Before reading these articles note that our list was upgraded recently to include the best crypto wallet upgrades in the year 2019. Now talking about today’s topic, we will be looking into the best wallets available in the market for storage purpose. When starting a crypto journey, the least, you can choose the best anonymous bitcoin wallet for you. Without safe and secure storage, your anonymous bitcoin is vulnerable. This is the most basic concept that one needs to understand before investing in cryptocurrency. We cannot even think of laying stress upon the loss that a person can bear if they leave their investment on an exchange just after purchasing them. Well to say it in one word, it is very dangerous and then stupid.
Crypto exchanges are the topmost and the easiest target for hackers in the bitcoin world, so you don’t want to get yourself in trouble while losing your bitcoin on the very first day of your journey. To save yourself from this danger and from hackers, we need to find a safe and secure place for your anonymous bitcoin. And this place is called as your personal anonymous bitcoin wallet.
Before we start dividing the wallets for your consideration, it is essential that you read about the various categories of wallets and about their advantages and disadvantages for your own ease.
You Are Choosing the Right Type for You!
First, we are going to discuss the different types of anonymous bitcoin wallets.

Hardware Wallets!

The hardware wallets are the first on our list for the anonymous bitcoin wallets. We are talking about hardware wallets they have their advantages and disadvantages at the same time. The biggest advantage of the hardware anonymous bitcoin wallets is that it is the most secure option that you can consider while thinking of getting a bitcoin wallet for storage. The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that it is the most expensive anonymous bitcoin wallet available in the world.
For those of you who are new and unfamiliar to this term, the hardware wallets are actually like an external hard drive for your desktop computer. As we have mentioned, they are the best if we talk about them from a security point of view. These hardware wallets are also called as the cold storage wallets because of many reasons in the bitcoin fraternity.
The biggest reason is that they are rarely connected to the web or the internet for authorization which makes them almost impossible to hack for keyloggers and hackers. Moreover, because of this, you can have control over your private keys better than ever.
Since we have already described that these anonymous bitcoin wallets are separate physical objects and cannot be used with mobility and are also expensive for people with a limited budget, this makes it less popular among the users of crypto-currency. The reason is that they are not ideal for day to day transactions and exchanges.

Desktop Wallets!

The second type of wallets in anonymous bitcoin wallet list is the desktop wallet. Just like hardware wallets, this type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So if you are interested in getting the desktop wallet, then you can easily do so after reading this passage about them.
The pro side of the desktop anonymous bitcoin wallets is that they are easy to use and are greatly accessible and relatively safe. The biggest con that they have is that they can be hacked when your computer is connected to the internet.  Well, desktop wallets have gained more popularity in the past couple of years because of many reasons. They are said to be the best storage for anonymous bitcoin and other crypto-currency. You must be thinking that from where you can get your own desktop wallet, so don’t worry this is a very easy process.
You can easily get your own desktop wallet by just downloading it from the web or from the app store on your windows. One of the biggest reasons people choose desktop anonymous bitcoin wallets is that they are typically more user-friendly and have a lot more features than any other wallets available. With the majority of desktop wallets, users have full access over their keys and their funds and also their seed phrase.

Mobile Wallets!

The mobile wallets are also the type of anonymous bitcoin wallets we are going to talk about today. Just like others, they have their own pros and cons. The most important pro of the mobile wallet is they are extremely convenient to make anonymous bitcoin transactions. The biggest con is that they are more vulnerable to malware than any other wallet.
As the name tells us almost everything about this wallet, the mobile wallet is for the mobile phones of users. The mobile wallets help its users to store their anonymous bitcoin with them on their smartphones. The mobility of the anonymous bitcoin wallets means that not only they are able to move along with you, but you can also pay for normal expenditures through your mobile phone if you are out of conventional cash somewhere.
Now the problem in mobile wallets is that they are downloaded from the play store by Google, and they are likely to get regular updates and regular interaction with the internet that makes them more vulnerable to hackers. Also, in some cases, you don’t get access to your private keys and individual custody over your funds.
While selecting the best mobile wallet for your anonymous bitcoin make sure you do complete research and also read about our best android applications for anonymous bitcoin wallets.

Online Wallets!

The online wallets who teach us about use bitcoin anonymously are one of the furthermore types of anonymous bitcoin wallets we are going to discuss today, just like every other type of bitcoin wallets online wallet has its own pros and cons. The biggest pro of this type is that they are easy to access and have exciting designs and themes. And the biggest con is that they are the least secure option available in all of the types. If you have this type of wallet for your anonymous bitcoin, you will not have access to your private keys.

Paper Wallets!

The paper wallets are the last type of wallets there are in the types of anonymous bitcoin wallets. Just like the previous types that we discussed the paper wallet has its own advantages and its own disadvantages. So if you are planning on getting a paper wallet then make sure you know the details about it beforehand. One of the pros of the paper wallet is that it is said to be Ultra-secure and it is a fact you can’t possibly hack a piece of paper!
On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage is that it isn’t easily accessible and can easily be lost if you are not careful in its handling. Paper wallets are said to be the general term for writing your own private keys. Unless you lose your paper wallet by hand, your anonymous bitcoin is safe, and you don’t have to worry about them. So now you can decide whatever type suits you!

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