Hi there! Planning on investing in Bitcoin? Don’t worry; you’re in the right place because today we are going to talk all about anonymous bitcoin and the anonymous bitcoin wallets. If you are planning on investing your money in bitcoin, then it is essential that you must have the best anonymous bitcoin wallet software for your crypto-currency. As we all know that the world is shifting to software technology every turning day, and so is the crypto-currency business and so today we are going to discuss the best android anonymous bitcoin wallets for our readers.
After reading today’s article, you will surely be able to download the best android application for handling your anonymous bitcoin. This will allow you to take and to access your virtual currency wherever you go with you!
Although there are a thousand of applications designed and manufactured in the past few years, we have shortened our list to the top 5 applications. Today as we already told you there are many applications regarding cryptocurrency, and it’s handling, and the majority of them are the ones who are the least secure and it is a fact that your anonymous bitcoin is not saved if you use them so instead of wasting our investment because of some low rated applications let us just move towards the best of our list.
Important Facts and Information for Our Readers!
Another important fact for our beginners, if you are planning on investing a lot in bitcoin in the beginning or are already having a large amount of bitcoin, then you may want to choose an anonymous bitcoin wallet with more security features like the Green Bits wallet for cryptocurrency. But on the other hand, if you are planning on investing a small amount, then you can easily start your business with the top 5 anonymous bitcoin wallet applications.
For your information bitcoin isn’t the only virtual currency available online so if you are in business with different types of currencies, then you must also know that you might need a wallet that caters all of them.
When you are planning on getting a wallet it is very important that you decide the right wallet from the right platform, the most trusted platform is the Google Play store and you can get the best apps from there with the least possibility of getting any malware.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet!

The Electrum bitcoin wallet is the first on our list of anonymous bitcoin wallets. This wallet is also more commonly known as the ultimate and the lightest weight bitcoin wallet, not to mention this, but it is also one of the portable wallets available in the market. This wallet has an excellent reputation in the market due to strong security features and some other advantages along with cons as well.
Electrum, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most rated and popular applications for an anonymous bitcoin wallet. It is also well-known as a thin client in the bitcoin world. You can easily find it on the Google play store, and when you download it, you will see that it starts to secure your information from the very beginning.
It, first of all, generates a twelve-word seed; these are twelve random words that you must write down at once. These are the magic words that will help you keep your coins safe and secure, so don’t forget them or else you will end up securing them from yourself as well! If anything bad happens to your smartphone if someone steals it or it gets broke whatever the case maybe you can easily use this twelve-word seed to restore your wallet in your other device along with your anonymous bitcoin.
Your private key is not locked in your application, and if you want to shift your bitcoin to another wallet, then you can easily do so without any hassle. The electrum anonymous bitcoin wallet, however, takes its security and safety very seriously.
You will be surprised to know that your twelve-word seed and your private key can never leave your device at any cost. Other than this you are also asked to introduce a new 6-digit security pin code on your anonymous bitcoin wallet. This six-digit pin is used while you are making any transaction or confirming any payments. An interesting feature of the electrum is that you can also use it on your desktop and can set watching only feature on your phone which will help you monitor your wallet from your phone and the other formalities will be catered through the desktop system.
One of the most important features of the electrum anonymous bitcoin wallet is that it comes with the bundle with its QR scanner which allows tracking addresses and payments, in other words, tells you about how to use bitcoin anonymously. And as we have told earlier to use bitcoin anonymously, you need the best wallet.

Coinomi Wallet!

The Coinomi wallet is the second anonymous bitcoin wallet on our list today. This too has many important features and is available on the Google play store. Its tagline in the bitcoin world is that it is the best in managing and exchanging all your currencies in one play. That’s right; it is a multi-currency wallet. This means that if you are dealing with different types of crypto-currency, then you definitely need this wallet. The Coinomi wallet was introduced in the market in 2015. Since then, this wallet has gained a lot of attention from the market and is said to be one of the best sellers.
When you download this wallet from the Google Store, you can easily set up your preference and display. It is one of the most user-friendly wallets available online. A drawback in the wallet is it used to be open source, but now it has been changed, and some users have reported facing bug issues.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet!

The mycelium bitcoin wallet is the third anonymous bitcoin wallet on our list, which is said to be the best teacher of how to use bitcoin anonymously through these apps and software. This app is famous for its privacy features. This wallet has also won the best mobile app award from Blockchain and from this you can imagine how massively efficient it may be. One important feature of this application is that it is compatible with other hardware wallets.

Green Bits Bitcoin Wallet!

The Green coin wallet is the fourth wallet app on our list today. It is one of the most secure and open-source wallets available in the fraternity of bitcoin. You can download the application from the play store, and you can also easily use it in your Google chrome as chrome provides you with its extension. This is also one of the most appreciated wallets for anonymous bitcoin around the world.

The Bitcoin Wallet!

The simplest and the most quickly anonymous bitcoin wallet is this fifth wallet on our list. If you can’t manage transaction fee or private keys properly, then this is a wallet for you. If you are a beginner, this is the best wallet for you for an initial investment. Don’t worry; you can change your wallet when you plan on investing more!