The world as we know it has changed a lot from the onset. Humans started trade payment with what they term trade by barter, a system of payment that is characterized by exchanging goods for goods on a scale of trust and reliability. In the trade by barter system, transactions were very difficult because there has to be knowledge of the two commodities to be exchanged. The era of money rolled in and people can conveniently pay for goods and services without waiting for who will bring what to exchange with me. All the era of hard currencies or bills came with its own prosperities and advantages, it also has lits limitations and disadvantages.
the advent of the internet brought about the idea of making payments online without the use of paper. the paperless modes of payment became widely accepted and then people wanted more. they wanted their transactions to be out of government records and off public eye. just then the advent of cryptocurrencies swept in. cryptocurrencies ushered in the era of fast and instant payments, anonymous and private transactions and so on.

But then over the course of usage, people have learned the fact that nothing is totally anonymous about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin for instance logs all transactions in the open blockchain and with a few skills, one can easily link a transaction to an individual offline. Nobody wants the whole world in the know of their transactions and so the search for a way to use or transact bitcoin anonymously begins. bitcoin users want to be able to transact, send and receive bitcoins without any interference by the government or anyone. People want a truly independent monetary system where everyone is free to transact without the fear of being prosecuted, traced, followed, trailed or even jailed. Lots have been said and done to achieve the status of anonymous transactions with bitcoin and lots of progress has been made so far, over the years.

Buying and using bitcoin anonymously is no new thing, in fact, it can be said to be the real reason why bitcoin was created in the first place. when one can buy and transact bitcoin without the whole world watching, this simply means that one is transacting bitcoin anonymously. One of the ways this can be done is by using the dark web. To access the dark web, a user will require the use of a special dark web accessing software like Tor. When using Tor with bitcoin, it creates a wide range of anonymity. The Tor software does a great job of masking the identity of a user. This means that if you do not want your transaction to be traced back to you,
making use of the Tor browser software is a very good way to remain anonymous when transacting bitcoin. care must be taken, though, in the use of the dark web browser since the dark web itself is filled with lost of illegal hackers who can easily breach a user’s wallet and siphon all the bitcoin therein. the Tor software will mask the identity of a user, and even though the bitcoin transaction carried out will be logged in the bitcoin blockchain, the Tor browser will make it almost impossible for anyone to link a particular transaction to the IP address from which the transaction originated.
hen buying bitcoins, in order to expose your identity-less, one can make such purchases from a bitcoin ATM or from companies like Paxful online. these companies require less verification for a user who wants to buy bitcoin. After buying such bitcoins from Paxful or bitcoin ATMs, the next phase ought to be the routing of such coins through a bitcoin mixer or a tumbler service online. these companies will gather lots of bitcoins from different people, both dirty and clean, and mix all the coins together in a set of bitcoin wallet addresses, then they share the mixed bitcoins back to the individuals that sent it to them. This will tumble transactions and make it almost impossible to trace who sent what and to where.
After this phase is complete, the best thing to do is to make use of Tor and TAILS for all transactions that will be carried out. In fact, in addition to this software, a user can also make use of a strong VPN server to change the IP addresses every second or minutes as the case may be. When a given transaction is completed using these methods, a new bitcoin wallet address is best generated for a new transaction. this will help unlink the user and the transactions the more.

With all the masking and IP changing and tunneling, it may still be possible to trace a bitcoin transaction to you as a user, but then it will be a very difficult job that will take a whole lot of time to complete even for a good hacker with superb skills. If you have clean bitcoins and are just hoping to transact privately, all of these methods will keep you and your transactions off the radar. If your bitcoins are dirty and you hope to clean them up and transact them securely and anonymously, then you may need more than just these few steps above to stay above the eyes of the big brother. Adding the use of anonymous bitcoin wallets will step up the anonymity of your transactions and will boost your security. although most of these anonymous bitcoin wallets offer free services, those with paid services will be of greater help in this regard.

Buying and transacting bitcoin anonymously is, in fact, the design of bitcoin. Bitcoin users worldwide strive day in ann out to transact off the government radar and although bitcoin is not anonymous in itself because of the transaction logs posted on the blockchain for public consumption, it must be noted that bitcoin can still be bought and used anonymously.